Doğukan Çavuş

developer, wannabe designer


A UI focused Frontend developer, open-source contributor,  css answerer. I'm interested in design systems, component architectures. Devoted to fine, detailed polish in everything made.



  • PDF Capture

    Quickly download a random page from any PDF as JPG.
  • Recreated

    Where I recreate nice animations in my way from other websites.
  • Tailwind Kitchen

    Mouthwatering tailwindcss components. Still in beta.

Things to star

  • tailwindcss-full-bleedA tailwindcss plugin that provides utilities for extended backgrounds and borders.
  • css-skeletonsA single div, dynamic, fully customizable pure CSS skeletons library.


Already have a design and need me to build it on latest tech stack? I am accepting new projects from all around the world. If you're a founder, indie-maker, or early-stage startup looking for a developer to build your brand new landing page, don't hesitate to get in touch for an exciting opportunity.